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Hail Serco, Dominion of Old!

Pyronis l6.png

For the Glory of the Dominion!

Welcome, son of the Dominion, to the unofficial Vendetta Online community for Serco Players. Here you will find information and resources built by Serco players for Serco players.

No matter what walk of life you choose in the 'verse, this is a resource for you. If you are looking at starting a Serco guild, we can also help you get established and integrated with the existing playerbase.

We accept contributions that are consistent with the current content, format and direction of the information already here. Be sure also to register in the forums and introduce yourself.


The Library of Sol II


About the Serco Dominion - Learn why we play as Serco in VO.
Spuck's Plugin Depo - Various plugins from mr_spuck!
Manufacturing Guide - Manufacturing in the Dominion
Hall of Fame - The who's who of the Dominion


The War for Deneb - Tactics and Strategy for Border Skirmish
Capture the Cargo - Feed the glorious war machine
Sector Blockade - Cut off the lifeline of the enemy
Station Conquest - Strategic annexation of Grey
Nation War - Last-man-standing style team combat
Hunting Itani - Tricks to Itani assassination

Serco Guilds

Red Eternal Dominion - A return to the old ways of the Dominion.
Big Red One - The rallying point for all nationalist Serco pilots.
Shades of Red - Veterans of the Dominion from Alpha.
SkyCommand Privateering Division - Get your letter of marque!
Start a Guild - Get help starting your Serco guild here!

Combat and Duelling

The RED Vendetta Cup - Fixed Load-out Duelling Tournament.
RED Youtube - Watch combat videos from RED.
Ships and Tactics - Learn to pilot Serco Ships.
The Serco Code of Battle - The unwritten codes of battle etiquette for Serco players.

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